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Tann Law
Tann Law

Andrew Nyamayaro is the Director and Principal solicitor for Tann Law Solicitors Ltd. He is the current President of the Warwickshire Law Society.
He is the council member for the Coventry and Warwickshire seat in the national Law Society.
Andrew is experienced in several areas of law which include immigration and asylum and family, He has vast experience in dealing with clients from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
Andrew has done various voluntary work including volunteering as a magistrate and school governor. Andrew is a public speaker who has addressed various political and human rights organisations, religious, social and charitable organisations on leading issues of law, politics and contemporary matters.
Andrew has excellent advocacy and litigation skills and frequently appears in various courts of Law.
Andrew founded the firm Tann Law Solicitors in 2016. The firm has grown from strength to strength. The firm started with Immigration and asylum as the sole areas of practice. The firm has since grown and expanded. We now offer services in the following areas of law
1. Immigration, asylum and human rights
2. Employment

Tann Law Solicitors is a hybrid firm. We have an office in Coventry and we have Consultant lawyers who work away from the office. We have systems that allow for remote working
We are an award wining firm which have won several awards and shortlisted for other awards.

Approved Regulation Agency
UK - Solicitors Regulation Authority