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Jones Whyte
Jones Whyte

His clients value his ability to find sensible, fast and affordable solutions to their legal problems. He has a particular specialism in Road Traffic Law, ranging from injury claims to licensing issues. A taxi and motor trade specialist, Greg also has a wealth of experience with medical negligence claims and dental negligence claims in Scotland, in addition to helping clients with human rights issues.

Greg Whyte is a civil litigation solicitor with a breadth of experience across most of Scotland’s courts and tribunals. He acts mainly for individuals and companies who are either threatened by or wish to raise court action.

Amongst other notable cases, Greg acted in Scotland’s longest running Fatal Accident Inquiry regarding the Rosepark Care Home fire. He also successfully appealed to the Inner House of the Court of Session two high profile Contempt of Court convictions of female social workers who were attempting to protect two vulnerable and damaged children from an abusive parent.

In recent years Greg has developed a reputation as a specialist in acting for professional drivers (including taxi drivers) and the businesses and organisations affiliated with them.

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