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Aramas Law
Aramas Law

With her expertise in solely Family Law dating back to 2006 and her passion to make justice in law accessible to all she formed Aramas Law. She brings law a fresh modern approach without the use to legal jargon and clear visible legal costs and with no hidden surprises.

Samara undertakes all area of family work with keen interest in domestic violence, children arrangement disputes, forced marriages, sharia law, international divorce and litigation in Dubai and the UAE. Samara can guide, assist, advice and represent you in all areas of family breakdown. She is committed to resolving issues in a cost-effective manner without court intervention wherever possible.

Born and raised in the UK, she has studied her MA in Islamic Education from the University of Winchester, with part of her formal Islamic studies in Damascus, Syria.

As a Family lawyer in the UK, Samara deals with matrimonial law, Children’s issues, ancillary relief and counselling for her clients. She has been a Legal consultant for a firm called ‘Islamic Law Advocates (ILA)’ in which Samara has also combined her knowledge of Shari’ah Law with the English Law, offering solutions to clients in the UK with counselling and Mediation, Divorce and Children’s rights and Financial rights. She has extensive experience in advising on the ‘Mahr’ marriage gift and the laws pertaining to that for Muslim Couples.

She also executed Shari’ah compliant wills in Accordance with English Law. She has appeared on the Islam Channel in the UK, in which she has appeared on the show ‘living the life’, in which she has discussed topics such as the ‘importance of making a Shari’ah compliant Will’.

Samara has also practised in the UAE, Dubai for a number of years in which she solely dealt with family law for mainly British expats and expats from other countries residing in the UK. Samara is one of the rare British lawyers who is able to deal with the niche area of Dubai and UAE divorces and family law issues. She dealt with UK divorces, finances and child arrangements from the UAE. She also dealt with Dubai and UAE courts litigation to enable UK residents to apply UK Family law to their divorces and family litigation within the Dubai and UAE Courts and also assisted ex pat clients with UAE Litigation from start to finish. She did various presentations on subjects such as Shariah compliant wills, Family law in the UAE, child abduction and has wrote articles for the ‘The National’ in Dubai and been on the radio, mainly Dubai Eye on various legal subjects.

She also is a keen part of the local community in the UK and has given speeches on family law subjects including Forced marriages, Female genital mutilation (FGM) and child sexual exploitation with local radio stations. She is described by many as a personable, approachable, well-presented and an adaptable Solicitor. She thrives on delivering best results and has developed a reputation with her clients to tirelessly protect their rights.

She also has an unparalleled knowledge of Islamic and Asian family issues

Samara is a member of resolution which means she follows the code of practice that promotes a non-confrontational approach to family problems. Samara is also a member of the international Bar association and deals with international issues.

Samara is fluent in 6 languages, English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and Gujerati. When she is not in the office, she is busy with her children. When she gets time away from everything she takes a keen interest in reading, travelling and jogging.

Unique service tailored to your legal matter.

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UK - Solicitors Regulation Authority