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Harbans Singh & Co
Harbans Singh & Co

Harpal qualified as a Solicitor and was admitted to Roll in 2003 having studied Law and obtaining a 2:1 LLB Law Degree with Honours and completing his Articles with Harbans Singh & Co and is presently a Supervisor & Level 2 Accredited Caseworker in Immigration & Asylum Law. Harpal is bilingual and can communicate in English & Punjabi. Harpal is passionate about law and represents clients within the First Tier and Upper Tribunal in all aspects of Immigration and Asylum Law as well as EEA Appeals and, bail and deportation hearings. Harpal assists clients with the preparation of Home Office applications including but not limited to Partner, Child, Settlement applications and sponsor licences as well as assisting and guiding clients on the relevant law, taking instructions and collating the necessary supporting documents and preparing written representations on his client's behalf to assist them. Harpal is passionate about helping others and serves as a trustee on a board and is keen to help and assist clients with their legal problems.

Approved Regulation Agency
UK - Solicitors Regulation Authority