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When do you need a lawyer to help you? 

How do you know if you're making the right decision? Do you ask your best friend? Your brother? Your magic eight ball? Maybe you ask the girl scanning your groceries, or the guy making your coffee... 

But at some point, you may get the idea of asking a lawyer. Whether it's a personal or business matter, it's always better to get the legal advice directly from a lawyer. The kind of lawyer you will need depends on the type of law you're dealing with. 

Lawyers aren't always like you see on TV. Not all lawyers work in every area of law. In fact, quite a few lawyers specialise in one area of law, while others focus mostly on advocacy. It's up to you when to seek advice, of course, but most people will make the call to a lawyer in all life's big moments - to give you an idea of what those moments might be, here are the top 8 common areas:

1. Family and relationships

2. Wills, estates and probate

3. Accidents and compensation. 

4. Neighbour and local disputes

5. Workplace and employment issue

6. Buying or selling a home. 

7. Crime related issues 

8. Small business matters.