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Harbans Singh & Co
Harbans Singh & Co

Rosie Manku is a property executive advising on commercial and residential property matters. Rosie has a corporate real estate background having previously worked at a top-ten city law firm and in-house at a top of blue-chip telecoms organisation. She has worked with various clients from global multinational corporations to high street private clients advising on commercial real estate residential property family crime and immigration matters. She has over 25 years experience in the legal field.

Rosie is also part of a coaching community, spearheaded by a Forbes-accredited coach, that works on personal and professional development within the South Asian community. She is a key part of a team that welcomes new talent and contributes her accrued experience with the group. She runs her own book club, writes about health and wellbeing with yoga being a cornerstone of her lifestyle. She has co-presented live coaching events and been part of the firm’s weekly live radio surgery session.

She speaks fluent Punjabi and understands Hindi and French enabling easier communication with a diverse range of clients.

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UK - CILEx Regulation