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SMQ Legal   LLP

SMQ Legal is recognised for its outstanding client care, we realise that you may need legal advice and support at any hour of the day.

Our lawyers are available to all our clients 24 hours a day to ensure the delivery of expert legal advice and assistance.

We know that issues such as divorce, child custody, domestic violence require advice quickly and that's why we offer round the clock consultations on Lawyer 365. We also offer 24 hour appointments for crime related cases including police station interviews, magistrates court, crown court, appeals, prison law, human rights and many other criminal cases.

Some of our other expertise include Medical Negligence, Property, Employment, Wills, and Landlord and Tenant cases.

We also offer free 15 minute consultations for all new enquiries, to assist with any issues that you may have. We are shrewd when required, hard-working, experienced, and aim to always act in your best interests.

If you require a detailed consultation, for up to 1 hour, our prices start from £150.00.

All consultation fees are deducted from the fixed fee should you proceed with our legal service.

Click a lawyers profile to book your consultation.

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