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Justitia Chambers
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I am an immigration and civil law barrister with particular expertise in unlawful detention, EEA, asylum and nationality law. I do both immigration applications and appeal hearings. I am extremely thorough in my approach and ensure the case is prepared in the highest light possible.

My approach
I am extremely thorough and conscientious. I adopt a hands-on, practical approach to your problems and ensure that you know and understand what is happening at each stage of the process. You can expect realistic, cost-sensitive and practical advice. I am dedicated to working hard for my clients and you can instruct me at any stage of the case. I have extensive court experience and I aim to make the process as understandable and as stress-free as possible.

About me
I specialise in all areas of immigration law including:

Citizenship, Nationality and Right of Abode
European Community Law ( EU Law/ EU Settlement Scheme)
Human Rights Law
Visits and Temporary Purposes
Families, partners and children including family reunion
Refugees, asylum, humanitarian protection, discretionary leave & Statelessness
Detention and Bail
Points Based Applications & Administrative Reviews
Appeals to First Tier and Upper Tier tribunal
Appeals to the Court of Appeal
Judicial Reviews

What my clients say
“Even if we lose today, I won’t be as upset as I saw how you fought my case. I am so lucky to have you as my barrister”- Asylum Seeker

“After several years of trying to regularise my stay in the UK through assistance from various lawyers, I thank God that Evin came to my assistance. I cannot thank her enough. She didn’t just treat my case as part of a 9-5 job. She really went above and beyond to prepare my case in a clear and concise way. I cannot thank her enough”- Human Rights Client

“Always reliable. One of the few barristers who always makes herself available, even if she has several other cases on the go”- Immigration Solicitor

“Rest assured Mr X, your barrister has been very helpful and covered every possible point there is to cover in your case.”- Immigration Judge

“That was one of the most persuasive advocacy I have seen from a Pupil in a long time. Please pass my comments on to your supervisor, she is very lucky to have you as a member of her Chambers and so is your client”- Immigration Judge, High Court Injunction

Approved Regulation Agency
UK - Bar Standards Board
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