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Elysium Law
Elysium Law

My Company: Elysium Law, is a Barrister run company. Unlike many Barristers we can undertake all work in professional negligence including issuing claims and obtaining ATE insurance. We have very considerable experience in these claims against Solicitors Accounts and other professionals. We also instruct other Barristers when necessary. We are very cost effective unlike large firms and are very client focused.

We have had considerable success in multi-million-pound claims for overseas investors in failed developments with actions brought against Solicitors who failed to advise them. Wehave a world wide client base.

We are happy to consult with you initially without a fee to ascertain the problem and if suitable advise on Litigation Funding including CFA (No-win No-fee) and After the Event Insurance to protect you on costs.

Approved Regulation Agency
UK - Bar Standards Board